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I can offer a full supply and fit fencing service. A sturdy wooden fence is a necessity when it comes to gardens, so get in touch if yours needs repairing or replacing.

Specialist Chainsaw Work

Being fully trained & certified in chainsaw use (CS30), I can tackle any of the difficult jobs associated with clearing old trees or other large plants.

Grass Care

As well as providing regular grass cutting I can also offer lawn treatments including scarifying, autumn feed, spring feed, weed & moss killer, and turf laying.

Gardening & Landscaping

Many people just don't have time to keep their garden looking its best all year round.

Whether you need a one-off job or ongoing, regular maintenance services, I can do all the hard work that is normally involved in keeping it looking at its best - from re-turfing to fencing, installing water features to pruning and advising you how to grow your own produce, I can help.

Specialist Pesticide Spraying

I am fully trained and licensed to use pesticide sprays to help with weed and bug control (PA1 & PA6), so can help to keep you garden looking at its best.

Jet Washing

Patio or decking not looking at their best? I will clean these or any other outdoor surface around your property by jet washing, bringing you long-lasting outstanding results.

About me

About me

My name is Andy Friday, and I have been working in gardens for many years. I am City & Guilds qualified, and a lot of my skills and experience have been gained through managing a 35-acre estate in Tonbridge on a part time basis and working on a large 30-acre private estate in Tonbridge, Kent where I was responsible for all aspects of maintenance and upkeep of the gardens and grounds including:
  • Formal garden - keeping everything looking at its best & weed free & maintaining lawns to a high standard
  • Kitchen garden- preparing veg beds, taking care of the veg from seed to harvest
  • Maintaining soft fruit cages & fruit orchard
  • Woodland - regular checks of the trees and ponds, keeping paths clear, keeping the unwanted plants down (nettle, bramble etc.) and encouraging the desired woodland plants (bluebells, snowdrops)
  • Fencing work, repair & instillation
  • General garden DIY
  • Waste carriers license
  • Professional, fully serviced tools for a high quality finish
  • Fully insured
I am also continuing to manage other large private estates on a part time basis, as well as doing regular work for letting agents, a local school and doing work for local churches too. I have also previously worked for Medway Council where I was responsible for the upkeep of the green areas around Medway. I really enjoy doing any gardening/grounds maintenance work, and take great pride in the work I do and strive to get my work to the highest standard possible.  I am also very hard-working, reliable and trustworthy, and you can count on me to deliver on your requirements.

Examples of my work

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Review for Friday Garden Services

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Review for Friday Garden Services

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Review for Friday Garden Services

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Review for Friday Garden Services
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Review for Friday Garden Services

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